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Past. Present. Future.

We're with you.

Legacy. We've been partners to the real estate industry for over 30 years. Through it all, we've been on the forefront of innovation. The next frontier is the automation of the customer experience and digitizing the real estate flywheel. Here's to the next 30 years.

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  • Simple. Open. Customizable.

    FLOWFACT has always been the most open platform on the market. Your data, your processes, your business. The FLOWFACT CX Platform digitizes your real estate business and puts you in full control of the experience.

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      Open Platform

      Change the way the solution works to make sure that it fits your organization, you philosophy, your culture like a glove. We provide full APIs for the entire platform.

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      Open Data

      You own your data. Full APIs to change your schema and to import export at all times. Fully GDPR/DSVG compliant, you are in control.

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      Bank Grade Security

      We use the same technologies and processes used by banks to ensure the security of your data. Feel confident that your data is in the right hands.

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      Designed to Grow with You

      Companies and strategies evolve and change. We are your partner to address and grow with you and to collaborate on the future.

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Acquisition. Value Add. Distribution.

One platform to handle all aspects of the customer lifecycle.

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    Leadmaster and Digital Mandates

    More than just valuation, a whole lead qualification and nurturing sequence to make sure you spend your time where it matters.

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    Customer Relationship Enablement and Recommendation Tool

    Don't just manage your customer relationships, enable their engagement. FLOWFACT CX platform offers traditional CRM as well as automation.

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    Interactive Expose

    Send your prospect the best possible expose. Know if they've opened or read it. Focus the conversation on the most interestiong parts.

Deine Kunden Lieben Dich.

Your customers' satisfaction is our mission.

The FLOWFACT CX (Customer Experience) Platform emboddies our mission. To make your customers proud of their choice in you by providing you the platform to deliver the best customer experience.

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